The Most Delightful

project Yerushalayim has seen in the past
2,000 years.

Situated in the heart of the Schneller Park, Merom Yerushalayim is the ideal choice
for the connoisseur in quality living. This upscale project magically combines the
dreams of every homeowner: serenity, luxury, and sanctity. And no other location in Yerushalayim boasts a breathtaking piazza of this caliber. You are invited to step into the pastoral oasis nestled right off the bustling streets of Geulah.

Harmony Palace
Harmony Palace
Harmony Palace
Harmony Palace

The Schneller Park at your doorstep

Merom Yerushalayim in situated in a stunning park that lends utmost serenity to its elite inhabitants.
With over 17000 square meters of lush parkland, prepare for many a relaxing moment.

The Environment

Life in the Heart of Yerushalayim

Merom Yerushalayim is an experience to behold.
A short walk from all of Yerushalayim’s adorning jewels— tefillas yom tov in Gur, shacharis Chol Hamoed in Bayon, Tikkun Leil Shavuous in the Mir, Kabalas Shabbos in Belz, the tish at Toldos Aharon, Simchas Bais Hashoeva in Karlin, and Hakafos Shniyus in Yeshivat Ahavat Shalom- it’s all at your fingertips. Merom Yerushalayim is situated in the crowned, coveted place, the prime location for every Jew.

The Finest Residential Adress
The Finest Residential Adress

A most prestigious address

Merom Yerushalayim is a rarity.
It’s a fusion of startling contrasts; the harmonious synthesis of the best of all worlds.
This exclusive housing project is the meeting point between past and present, modernity and antiquity, suburban and urban life, all at once.

Luxury Lifestyles
Luxury Lifestyles

The Privileges of the High Life

Experience true luxury—a superior living environment with every conceivable modern facility and amenity. Enter your home and you enter a world of exclusivity. Sophisticated interiors complement the spectacular exterior. Every unit features a spacious and fully-appointed living room, exquisite bedrooms, and comfortable balconies that offer private access to the magnificent outdoors.



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Steeped in History

The estate that echoes history

More than 150 years ago, in 1860, the Schneller Compound was selected as the first plot to be developed beyond the Old City walls. It was selected deliberately thanks to its elevated
topography, breathtaking landscape, and pristine Jerusalem mountainous air.

The compound offers wide expanses of greenery, adorned with towering trees and sweet-smelling grass and, meandering walking paths and wide open space, creating a natural setting of peace and harmony. At its essence, Merom Yerushalayim presents the tranquility and joy of bygone times.


Merom Yerushalayim is a partnership between Rothner Highgates, Tzameret Hair and Nitzanei Tal who both boast extensive experience in locating, upgrading, and developing a range of projects for the business and private sectors in Israel and abroad.
Over the years, these three companies have become renowned for planning and building hundreds of thousands of meters of residential, commercial, and office projects, thus enjoying financial solidity. As hundreds of satisfied residents of their projects can attest, their clients receive dedicated service and personal attention.


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